Behind on your bond payments?

Having sleepless nights about the consequences if the bank forecloses on your bond?

What would happen if you do not do something drastically to remedy the situation?

The bank will take legal action to repossess your house so it can be sold on auction to the highest bidder, probably still leaving you with an outstanding amount owed to the bank as well as legal fees.

Your credit record will be negatively affected causing you difficulty in getting future loans or buying another house.

You will be forced to relocate, disrupting your family.

Having to move brings it’s own set of challenges;


You will have to find thousands to pay for the move, pay deposit for a rental property (if you even qualify for a rental property considering you now have a bad credit record!)


 it is not all doom and gloom. might be able to help you with a solution to avert ALL these negative consequences.

If you qualify will buy your property from you for the outstanding balance at the bank. What this means is that you will not owe the bank a cent on the property. This includes all arrear payments as well as any legal fees already incurred by the bank.

You will then be able to rent your property from for a period of two years at a rental rate that will probably be lower than what you were paying on your bond!


This will allow you a period of two years to recover from the financial crisis you were in!

You will save on unnecessary legal fees, you do not have to relocate and disrupt your family,(no one even needs to know about the arrangement, your life continues absolutely as normal), your credit record remains intact and best of all after 2 years you have the opportunity to buy the property back at an agreed rate.

If you are not in a position after 2 years to buy the property back you can opt to renew your lease period for another period after which you will be able to buy back the property at market value.

To see if you qualify to have your home saved please click on the link below and complete the application form.

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Address of property

Current outstanding bond including all arrears and legal fees

Details of property

Type of property

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