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Welcome to your first step on your journey to retire rich and happy.

Step one to Retire Rich and Happy is to minimize your risk. You need to make sure that whatever happens to you, you and your family will still be able to continue in the same manner as you are accustomed to. This incorporates all the different risks you will face throughout your life. Death, Disability, Severe illness, Medical aid, Medical Gap cover, Short-term insurance, your Will etc.

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a First appointment between you and the wealth strategist will be set up or has already been set up, The following will happen during this appointment:

- An introduction of what RRH is and what we do.

- Explain benefits we offer.

- Looking at your goals and needs.

- Prioritizing your goals and needs.

- We will need to know who your current cover provider is.

You need to structure your expenses so you can create the habit of taking money and investing it for your future, before you pay your expenses.


Most people do not spend nearly enough money investing in themselves. If you are really serious about Retiring Rich and Happy you need to start investing money in developing your financial knowledge.

Your wealth coach will see you for a second appointment. What will happen in this appointment?

- All your info needed from the first appointment needs to be finished.

- Implementation of goals

- Reassessment

- Practical plan of action

- See what are your financial goals

The Strategic Expense Plan is to create a positive cash flow that makes it possible for you to invest in your financial education.

We look forward to seeing you.

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