All of us sometimes feel that we are not in control of our finances, that we have a desire to be more financially stable, more responsible and more disciplined with our money, but yet life happens, the car breaks down, the kids have to get new school uniforms or you have to get that new pair of shoes and then all your best laid plans goes out the window.


I get it, I’ve been there!


If you are serious about creating a better financial future for yourself and your loved ones you have to attend our Financial Freedom Forum


We all tend to think that if we earn some more money by getting that raise or starting a part-time business, we will be able to make some progress in our financial situation, but yet only mere months after getting the raise we are short again, the outstanding balance on our credit cards have increased and we can’t seem to make ends meet! And so the cycle continues, get more money, expenses increase, have more debt.


Why is this not working?

Because your financial difficulties is never an income problem, but rather a financial management problem.

You need to find a way to manage your cashflow better and the best way to do that is by becoming aware of what is happening to your money every month.

Once you have done that you can start planning to improve your situation by giving “every rand a job”.


Only once you have taken control of your monthly cashflow, can you start to create plans to improve your financial future, by investing, and building assets.


If you are one of the millions of people that feel the same, you simply have to attend our Financial Freedom Forum.




1.  5 practical steps to follow if you want to Retire Rich and Happy

2.  Learn how to create a proper budget so you can take control of your cashflow and stick to it.

3.  A simple strategy that you can follow to get rid of all your unsecured debt in 12 to 18 months.

4.  4 easy to follow strategies so you can pay of your house in half the time!

5.  Introduction to investments, understand the different investment products and how they can help you attain financial freedom.

Introduction to becoming an entrepreneur; learn some of the best kept secrets used by billionaires to build business assets earning them millions every year without being involved in any of the day to day activities of the business.

If you are tired of living month to month, if you really want to have a plan to become financially successful and if you are committed to Retiring Rich and Happy, you cannot afford to miss this.


The information shared in this Forum will not only save you thousands of rands every month, and thousands of rands in interest, but it could potentially open a door for you to earn millions from becoming an entrepreneur…… and best of all IT’S FREE!!


In our commitment to “PAY IT FORWARD” we decided to make the Financial Freedom Forum free for everyone to attend.

That’s right, it won’t cost you anything except your time to learn the secrets that’s helped millions of people across the world to become wealthy.


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